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Al Ain University Delegation Visits AlShaab

Prof. Dr. Shafiq Al-Mawla, President of Al Ain University, and his administrative assistant, Assistant Professor Dr. Atheer Youssef Haidar, visited AlShaab University to see the university's facilities and to learn more about the university's approach to teaching skills alongside education.

During the visit, the honored guests listened to a comprehensive presentation on the academic programs and educational curricula implemented by AlShaab University President Dr. Youssef Khalaf Youssef. They expressed their admiration for the focus that the university places on developing and enhancing vital skills.

In the course of the visit, the guests were able to see the various facilities of the university, including laboratories, libraries and classrooms, and had the opportunity to talk with a number of professors and staff about the unique academic experience that the university provides.

Prof. Dr. Shafiq Al-Mawla and Assistant Prof. Dr. Atheer Youssef Haidar expressed their great admiration for the university’s distinguished experience in adopting skills alongside education, praising the tremendous efforts made by professors and staff to provide an inspiring and stimulating learning environment for students.

This visit is an important step in strengthening academic relations between the two universities, and in enhancing cooperation in the fields of research, education and exchange of experiences. We wish the two universities more progress and success in their academic pursuits.

جامعة الشعب | زيارة رئيس جامعة العين ومساعده الاداري الى جامعة الشعب

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