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The General Chemistry Laboratory is one of the most important scientific laboratories at Alshaab University, designed according to the latest internationally approved specifications. The laboratory focuses on conducting practical experiments, lessons, and scientific lectures for students. It is equipped with modern and advanced equipment and devices, in addition to the necessary precautions to maintain safety and security.


 Striving to elevate the requirements of the exemplary laboratory in the field of general chemistry according to internationally accredited standards, meeting the demands of the job market by providing students with high levels of knowledge, scientific understanding, and academic excellence through modern and advanced scientific methods and academic techniques, making them distinguished among general chemistry laboratories in Iraqi universities.


Preparing students with advanced scientific and practical skills, enabling them to compete in the job market, and providing governmental and non-governmental institutions with promising talents capable of contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical industries.


  • Providing students with a general understanding of organic and bioorganic compounds and enhancing their ability to perform various chemical experiments and reactions. 
  • Teaching students the fundamental concepts of general chemistry through the structure, properties, and reactions of chemical compounds. Students learn how to determine the chemical structure of organic compounds, understand their reactions, synthesize pharmaceutically active organic compounds, purify and diagnose them to develop their research capabilities. 
  • Developing and refining students' scientific skills, imparting necessary experiences that qualify them to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing and organic pharmaceutical compound fields, and preparing them to become distinguished researchers in the future. 


The Tuition Fees For The Academic Year 2024/2023.




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