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The physiology and hematology laboratory holds exceptional importance in educating and training students of the Medical Laboratory Technology department at the foundational stages. It involves studying organ function tests and diagnosing blood disorders using modern and advanced equipment.


The Physiology and Hematology Laboratory aspires to excellence and leadership by ensuring the requirements of the exemplary laboratory in the specialty across Iraqi universities. This is achieved through providing modern and advanced equipment in the field, as well as adopting training programs to transfer technology and expertise in the sciences of physiology and blood disorders.


Teaching and preparing undergraduate students for the Medical Laboratory Technology program in the laboratory of Physiology, Medical Anatomy, and Hematology by adopting a training approach in small groups to acquire clinical, scientific, and research skills through conducting comprehensive blood analyses and organ functions.


1. Identifying the major functions of the human body's organs and their biological and chemical changes.
2. Using laboratory methods to monitor the biochemical reactions of biological or pathological samples.
3. Developing students' skills through practical training, writing weekly reports and experiments, and posing mental questions, answers, and specific laboratory tests in the lab.
4. Defining and training students on a wide range of blood tests to assist in diagnosing blood disorders.
5. Providing students with opportunities to develop their skills in observation, exploration, monitoring, recording, analysis, and interpretation of results.

The Tuition Fees For The Academic Year 2024/2023.




Laboratory pictures

Laboratory pictures