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This laboratory is vital within the department as it specializes in laboratory analysis techniques in biochemistry and hematology. It focuses on teaching students the properties of chemical compounds and training them to perform biochemical analysis on blood and other body fluids to diagnose and treat diseases. This is done using laboratory equipment and necessary supplies to achieve the objectives of teaching Biochemistry subjects.


The biochemistry laboratory aims to achieve excellence and leadership in the field through the quality of the academic program, the practical aspect, and continuous training to acquire scientific skills. It also aims to create an inspiring academic environment to build students' scientific and practical capabilities.


The laboratory's mission is an integral part of the mission of the Department of Biochemistry and the College of Health and Medical Technologies. The laboratory aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to understand the requirements of the specialization and achieve its goals in graduating distinguished chemists capable of meeting the technical needs in healthcare and medical institutions and serving the community.


1. Explaining the importance of biochemistry for students among other medical sciences and enabling them to understand the specialty subjects.
2. Teaching and training students on scientific experiments, their importance, and activating the role of students in these experiments, along with writing weekly reports about them.
3. Developing students' skills in analysis, interpretation, and scientific inference in both theoretical and practical aspects of the specialization.

The Tuition Fees For The Academic Year 2024/2023.




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Laboratory pictures