AlShaab University is registered and approved by The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq pursuant to the ministerial order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. AH/K 8188 on 9-5-2022 and the establishment license pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 206 of 2022.

College of Engineering and Information Technology

College of Health and Medical Technology

كلية العلوم الادارية و المالية و اقسامها

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

College of Law & Political Sciences

  • Department of Law
Alshaab's University is located in Baghdad - Al-Sayyidiah - Khizran Street, in a vibrant and strategically advantageous location. It is situated at the heart of numerous residential areas close to the university building, overlooking major and essential transportation routes. This unique location sets it apart from other universities.

Individuals born in the year 1993 are expected to have the opportunity for admission to the morning classes at Alshaab's University. Much hope is placed on the youth within this birth year to contribute to the advancement and establishment of the field of knowledge.

Alshaab's University, in its commitment to providing opportunities for employees, individuals from both the public and private sectors, professionals, and non-full-time students who wish to pursue their higher education, has introduced the option of evening classes at the university. It has also made all necessary resources and facilities available to accommodate the students admitted to evening classes.

In the near future, new departments will be established at the university, and they will be announced at the appropriate time. These newly established departments will offer a wide range of options for new students to choose the type of study they desire.

Alshaab's University operates within the framework of the instructions and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding the determination of admission quotas in the university's colleges and scientific departments. The university is committed to making continuous efforts to accommodate the largest possible number of graduate students.

Alshaab's University was named as such to target the sons and daughters of the Iraqi people from all walks of life and social classes. It also considers the needs of families with limited income and those facing difficult living conditions. Alshaab's University is for the entire population.

Alshaab's University has made sure to create dedicated parking spaces with large and spacious areas for students' vehicles, capable of accommodating a significant number of vehicles, roughly equivalent to the majority of the student population at the university.

The university has been established on a very large campus, featuring numerous spacious buildings that house classrooms and state-of-the-art scientific laboratories designed according to the latest advanced global standards. Additionally, it includes vital facilities, plazas, gardens, and other buildings that are under construction and will constitute a civil and architectural landmark for the university.

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