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AlShaab University's Continuing Education Center announces its readiness to conduct the Unified Iraqi National English Language Test (INELT)

In accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research letter numbered B T 5/744 issued on 12/2/2024, regarding the accreditation of AlShaab University as a center for continuing education, AlShaab University announces its readiness to accommodate prospective postgraduate students for the upcoming academic year, to facilitate the Unified Iraqi National English Language Test (INELT). Applications can be made online, with seat reservations available through a designated link provided by the ministry, or via direct application to the university. This aims to assist applicants in accurately completing the required information. Examinations will take place every Monday and Wednesday, starting from 4/3/2024 until 29/4/2024, with a one-hour duration from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. Therefore, applicants are kindly requested to arrive one hour prior to the exam for necessary preparations. Moreover, AlShaab University has taken all necessary measures and arranged all essential resources to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination. The university is equipped with latest technology computer laboratories, designed to international standards, furnished with advanced computers devices and high-speed internet connectivity, given its integration into a comprehensive system.

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