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AlShaab University Organizes an Awareness Lecture on Thalassemia

To increase and spread health awareness and enhance health measures within the university, and on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day, AlShaab University, in collaboration with the Sadiyah Health Center, organized an awareness lecture delivered by Dr. Adnan Hashem Abd, the director of the center. The lecture took place in the central library hall at the university on Sunday, May 19, 2024, with the attendance of Professor Dr. Khamis Abdullah Ali, Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, along with several professors, lecturers, and students.

During his lecture, the director of the Sadiyah Health Center explained the main reasons for the prevalence of thalassemia in society and how it is genetically transmitted, highlighting its serious implications on human health. He outlined the key methods of prevention and treatment to stop the spread of the disease and its transmission from one generation to another, emphasizing the importance of early screening and diagnosis before the disease progresses.

The lecture saw significant interaction from the attendees through their contributions, which enriched the session with valuable information.

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