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AlShaab University inaugurates a series of meetings with students: The university president listens to students' suggestions in the medical and life chemistry laboratories

To maintain and enhance communication between the university administration and its students, and as part of regular meetings, Assistant Professor Dr. Youssef Khalef Youssef, the president of AlShaab University, engaged with first-year students in the Medical Laboratories and Biochemistry departments. The meeting was attended by the heads of both departments, Dr. Hassan Mohammed Naif and Dr. Manar Abdul-Karim, along with several professors and lecturers. At the start of the meeting, the university president provided a brief overview of AlShaab University, emphasizing its advantages and key details. He highlighted the significance of the two departments as medical specialties in high demand by both government and non-governmental health institutions. He explained that the university has equipped its students with modern and advanced scientific laboratories, along with competent and experienced professors. The president emphasized that AlShaab University, in line with its vision and educational philosophy, aims to develop and enhance personal and specialized skills, refining them throughout the years of study. He encouraged students to adhere to attendance and actively participate in daily classes, making the most of the opportunities the university provides for the development of their scientific and practical abilities. Furthermore, he pointed out that the university prioritizes organizing scientific and practical workshops and activating scientific field visits to governmental and private institutions. AlShaab University is committed to providing a supportive and motivating university environment for its students. During the meeting, the university president listened to the students' opinions and suggestions regarding the educational process and university life within the campus.

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