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The President of AlShaab University meets Two of PhD Holders in Iraq

Dr. Yousif Khalaf, President of Al-Shaab University, met with Dr. Hassan Hadi Latheeth, who holds MSc and PhD in Cybersecurity from the United States of America, and Dr. Omar Akef, who also holds a PhD in information security from the United Kingdom (Britain)

The meeting was also attended by the head of the Cybersecurity Engineering Department at AlShaab university, Dr. Ismail Khalil. During the meeting, important points were discussed to give a clear vision about this important department in the College of Engineering, creating the appropriate study conditions for students, developing their skills at the academic and practical levels, and the possibility for them to obtain professional training through organized courses ISACA in Iraq and
Information Systems Audit and Monitoring Association, EC- Council and other organizations

The Department of Relations and Media continued with Dr. Yousif Khalaf, saying: The main objective of such meetings is to discuss specialists with important certificates obtained from international universities to develop the skills path in Cybersecurity Department at Al-Shaab University, and providing an academic curriculum that complies with the international standards required in major international universities.

جامعة الشعب | رئيس جامعة الشعب يلتقي إثنان من حاملي شهادة الدكتوراه في الأمن السيبراني بالعراق
The President of AlShaab University meets Two of PhD Holders in Iraq

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