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TV interview with The President of AlShaab University

The President of AlShaab University, in a television interview, confirms the university’s keenness to support the creative youth segment who have special cases and support them by reducing or canceling tuition fees, stressing that the university is continuing to implement its strategy by establishing an academic university that offers an advanced vision in creating a distinguished academic environment.

Through the interview, the president of AlShaab University focuses on supporting students who have special cases by publishing a special electronic form which can be filled out by them, the information and privacy of the sender remain maintained and cannot be shared with anyone or published.

He also confirmed the university's keenness to contribute to raising the level of academic quality of university education, with its advanced technologies, administrative and academic competencies, also the competitive environment it provides that contribute to improving general performance and raising the quality of university education

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Yousif Khalaf affirmed the full support for the ambitious youth to motivate them to complete their scientific and academic career.

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