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Alshaab University visits the GITEX 2023 exhibition.

Alshaab University visits the GITEX 2023 exhibition.

Alshaab University attended the GITEX exhibition this year in Dubai, which is the world's largest technology exhibition. It includes major and medium-sized international technology companies with more than 6,000 exhibitors. Each year, it has a distinctive flavor and character that aligns with the latest technological developments and related aspects.

The expected highlight of this global exhibition, especially after the development of GPT-3 by Microsoft, is artificial intelligence and its various applications. Microsoft has written the slogan "Reshape tomorrow with AI" in the attached image. I found that cybersecurity companies like Fortinet, Kaspersky, and Palo Alto, as well as cloud computing and services companies like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba, use artificial intelligence in innovative ways, considering it an important advantage. Additionally, software companies are using generative AI to improve quality, accuracy, and predictive analysis. The exhibition is vast, and I've only covered 20% of it on its second day. However, I am convinced that the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department in our university, Alshaab University, as well as at Al-Zahra University in Karbala, aligns with the Ministry's recent launch of an artificial intelligence research competition. This is a very accurate and proper direction. If we want to overcome future challenges, we must prepare and train engineers and researchers in artificial intelligence within a modern global vision. We have prepared a promising plan for the newly established artificial intelligence department at the university this year, with distinct curricula and skills related to this important field. I hope our dear youth will embrace and study this specialized field because it is the present and the future.

God bless

يوسف خلف يوسف


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