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Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques

The Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques applies the principles, practices and techniques of engineering to medicine, with the goal of improving the quality of peoples' lives. Medical Instrumentation Techniques coursework includes the study of human anatomy and physiology from an engineering perspective, which enables students to use cutting-edge technology to design innovative tools and devices (such as prosthetics and imaging machines) to advance human health from diagnosis and analysis to treatment.

Department Objectives:

1. Develop or contribute to the development of designs and programs, particularly in the maintenance of medical devices.
2. Further knowledge of installation and operation of medical devices ( including supervision and implementation).
3. Improve maintenance techniques of medical devices
4. Conduct on-site (field) supervision of the implementation of work.
5. Determine specifications and standards for certain medical devices, and provide instructions for use.
6. Prepare technical statements on how to assemble, operate, repair, or do routine maintenance on devices.
7. Participate in the analysis of tenders for medical devices and choose the best alternative.
8. Train engineers and technicians in the medical device selection process, and on the operation and maintenance of medical devices.
9. Conduct studies and research to improve and develop the work and the optimal use of medical devices.
10. Provide technical advice in the field of medical devices.
11. Propose amendments, changes, and modifications to the designs of medical devices.
12. Participate in committees and associations related to the use of medical devices
13. Implement related projects.