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Department of Cybersecurity Engineering

Students in this department take a number of courses that give them the theoretical and practical knowledge to work in the field of computer information security engineering with a high level of professionalism. Coursework hones student skills in the following areas:

Theoretical and Practical Aspects

  • Fundamentals of computer information security engineering, and design and development of information security systems.
  • The foundations of scientific research and the formulation and implementation of various research and studies in this field.

Basic and Specialized Skills

  • Skills in designing and developing information security systems using the latest theories and modern technologies.
  • Advanced software skills enable the student to implement modern security algorithms.
  • Design skills of modern technological information systems.
  • Scientific research skills and participation in research activities such as conferences and study days.
  • The ability to identify and analyze the security risks to which the organization may be exposed.
  • Skills in designing and programming cryptographic algorithms
  • The ability to prepare contingency plans to deal with any emergency event that occurs within the organization.

Field Work and Training

  • Each student completes a practical graduation project, which is the actual implementation of one of the tasks and activities of computer information security engineering, such as the implementation of an integrated computer security system for an institution.
  • Before graduation, each student is trained in the field at one of the institutions related to the field of specialization, which contributes to honing their skills and familiarizing them with their future field of work.