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Department of Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering plays an essential role in today’s world, serving as the architects of cloud computing, satellite and smart phone communications, internet applications, social networking technologies, wireless systems, and integrated voice, data and video communications. Our intensive curriculum provides you with the flexibility to succeed in a world of rapidly changing technology, alongside the specific knowledge and skills that are highly valued by employers in the telecommunications and information industries.

Department Objectives:

  • Understand communication systems with their various physical and software components
  • Learn modern methods of designing, building, and maintaining work in information transmission networks.
  • Keep abreast of methods and technologies for secure storage of information and its encryption during transmission to preserve it.
  • Gain practical experience in dealing with wireless, wired, fiber-optic systems, terrestrial and space audio and video broadcasting, satellite positioning systems, and other modern communication technologies in today's world.
  • Graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Communication Engineering