Computer Center

The Computer Center Department at AlShaab University depends on the use of the latest technologies in the management and security of networks and databases in order to promote a culture of e-governance. The department also deals with everything related to information technology in the college, such as managing the e-mail system, programming applications for the college departments, maintaining computers and protecting against viruses

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Administrative of Computer Center Department

 The management of the Department of information technology is summarized by distributing tasks among the employees of the Department according to their responsibilities and managing the implementation of those tasks and following them to reach maximum efficiency in all tasks assigned to the department, such as managing the website of the college and periodic meetings with the members of the site link in all departments and electronic directions and tasks، The duties of the department management also include searching for the best electronic methods for managing the institution and protecting its information through the design and programming of electronic systems for managing the departments and units of the college and providing the best ways to develop the information network and software for the infrastructure of the College, which depends on an internet system designed efficiently and college.

Tasks of Computer Center Department

  1. Managing the electronic mail system of the university, which includes adding, deleting and adjusting the passwords of students, teachers and employees, and sending official notifications, announcements and group circulars to college students, teachers and employees, in addition to allocating powers for teaching for the purpose of addressing students according to departments, stages and divisions.
  2. Designing an electronic lecture system (LMS) and publishing and updating electronic lectures on the university's website to make study resources available to students
  3. Managing the college database server and updating college programs.
  4. Managing the college's website, updating and publishing all news and schedules, and following up on the latest developments in modern technology to provide all information about the university in the best electronic format. The administration will provide a college database.
  5. Securing and managing the Internet system and working to provide the service in all parts of the institution for the purpose of communication between the departments through the college’s electronic system and sending and receiving all official electronic notifications
  6. Maintaining the college's internal computer networks system and protecting them from viruses, maintaining all kinds of computers for the university, and providing computers with all service programs
  7. Managing database systems for the registration and self-registration departments in the college with regard to students and affiliates

Staff of Computer Center Department

Dr Ziad Aber Al-Khafaji

Supervisor of Computer Center Department

Mohammed Fadel al-Obeidi

Programming Division