AlShaab University Hosts Talk on Economic Impact of Natural Gas Flares

The Department of Banking and Financial Sciences held a seminar entitled

The Impact of Natural Gas Flares on the Iraqi Economy led

by Dr. Muhammad Naji Muhammad, an instructor in the College of Business. In attendance were a number of heads of departments and faculty as well as university students invited by the Dean and seminar organizers.

Dr. Muhammad spoke at the seminar about the environmental concerns and health risks to local populations which result from natural gas flares in the Iraqi oil fields. He also presented data showing the economic benefits of capturing and selling the gas as an alternative and complementary source of energy within the Iraqi economy.

The attendees posed several questions which prompted discussion among the professors and the audience.

This dialogue resulted in recommendations that the government should move towards providing the supplies and infrastructure necessary to reduce environmental hazards and health risks while simultaneously achieving revenue to support the Iraqi economy.

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