AlShaab University announces the largest tuition fees discount in Iraq

Al-Shaab University announces the largest discount in Iraq,

Today, Saturday, AlShaab University in Baghdad announced the largest discount in tuition fees in a way that makes all students able to complete their studies in an ideal and good academic environment to develop skills and engage in the labor market.

It was also confirmed that the discount includes all faculties and departments of AlShaab University, including the Department of Cybersecurity Engineering, which is one of the most important modern scientific departments in which the students guarantees their future career.

Tuition fees discount is listed below:

  • Department of Medical Instrumentation Techniques 1,000,000 IQD.
  • Cybersecurity Department 1,000,000 IQD.
  • Communications Engineering Department 750,000 IQD.
  • Business Administration Department 750,000 IQD.
  • Accounting Department 750,000 IQD.
  • Banking and Financial Sciences Department 750,000 IQD.
  • College of Law 750,000 IQD.

And the big surprise for those who take advantage of the offer now, the discount will continue with them throughout their study years at the university.

In addition, the university continues to register applications for grants for people with limited income and special cases through its official website on the international network

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